Commercial tradewaste treatment systems


At Global Water, we understand the complexities of managing commercial trade waste. Whether you run a restaurant, manufacturing facility, or any business generating wastewater, efficient and compliant treatment is crucial. That's why we offer a powerful range of integrated solutions, including Drainace compact pre-treatment systems, Grease Muncher separators, dosing systems, and high-performance Sulzer pumps. These products ensure your trade waste is handled responsibly and efficiently.


The DrainAce compact pump station is the ultimate solution for commercial kitchen and trade waste applications
Grease Muncher GM700
The Global Water Grease Muncher GM700 combines a conventional underflow grease arrestor design with a special bio-filter
DrainAce Polyethlyene Pump Station
The DrainAce Polyethylene Pump Stations are designed as a heavy duty lightweight prefabricated pump station
Oil Muncher
The Global Water Oil Muncher coalescing plate oil separator are enhanced gravity separators capable of removing oils
Dosing & Chlorination Systems are suitable for chlorine gas and sodium hypochlorite disinfection
Sulzer Flow Booster
The Flow Booster ABS XSB idea ideal for gentle circulating and mixing fluids in sewage treatment plants and industrial areas
Sulzer XRW
The Sulzer Submersible Mixers are an economical but robust and reliable solution for mixing and stirring applications
Global Water offers a wide range of products suitable for installation within tradewaste systems
Sewer Vent Odour Filter
The Global Water Sewer Vent Odour Filters are designed to fit in sewer vent pipes
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