We work closely with you to design and develop complete solutions that deliver maximum efficiency and lowest operational costs over the life of the system.

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We source advanced, cutting-edge products from across the world, and draw on 40 years of knowledge to provide highly reliable efficient water treatment and pumping systems for small to large projects.

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Our engineers provide expert guidance to define system processes, optimise plant efficiency and choose fit-for-purpose equipment that adhere to industry specifications and regulatory standards.

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Turn-key Solutions

We offer complete, turn-key solutions for refurbishing existing plants or when considering new projects, including pre-treatments, core process, and post disinfection and dosing systems. System modules can be skid mounted, containerised or built into prefabricated buildings.

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Quality Assurance

We manufacture superior products with accreditation to meet strict ISO 9001 and water authority standards. We carry out quality audits, fabrication and hydraulic testing in our dedicated testing facility, reducing onsite costs. You can welcome to witness our factory acceptance testing, safety and performance checks, guided by our engineering personnel.

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Technical Support

We provide detailed product information, drawings, instructions manuals and technical advice to assist with ongoing plant operation. Our experience technical services team will help you program new software upgrades and maintain control systems, telemetry components and alarm monitoring equipment.

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Post Installation Checks

Once electrical and plumbing connections are completed on your site, we analyse water quality, flow rate and pressure measurements, and carry out fine tuning adjustments on mechanical and electrical components.

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Training & Support

Our engineering and project personnel offer technical training sessions to plan operators, providing advice on all requirements and safety precautions to operate and maintain the equipment.

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Warranty & Maintenance

Global Water product warranties are serviced by a network of accredited technicians and authorised agents. Our technical services team is available to provide preventative maintenance including regular servicing, periodic system analysis and cleaning regimes to protect and extend the life of your asset.