Global Water understands the challenges municipalities face when it comes to managing water and wastewater infrastructure. We provide a range of solutions crafted for durability, efficiency, and community well-being. Whether it's concrete pump stations, or precise dosing and chlorination systems for ensuring clean drinking water, or our effective sewer filters to eliminate unpleasant odours, we've got you covered. We also optimise treatment processes with submersible mixers and offer solutions for solids handling.  With our extensive pump selection Eboost pressure boosters, we cater to every application need.



Municipal pump stations

We offer the ENVIROLIFT™ range, encompassing both concrete and fiberglass pump stations, designed to meet the diverse needs of municipalities across Australia.

Sulzer Flow Booster-1


We offer an extensive range of solutions specifically designed for municipalities, including dosing & chlorination systems, sewer vent odour filters, Sulzer flow boosters, and Sulzer submersible mixers. 


municipal solids handling

Global Water provides a range of municipal solids handling solutions, including the Sulzer Muffin Monster Sewage Grinder. Specifically designed, this grinder plays a crucial role in safeguarding pumps and other equipment by effectively grinding down the most resilient wastewater solids.

Sulzer XFP Submersible Pumps

municipal submersible pumps

Power through demanding municipal wastewater applications with heavy-duty submersible pumps from industry leaders like Grundfos and Sulzer XFP.

eBoost Pressure Booster


The Global Water e-Boost pressure booster range is the state-of-the-art fully integrated booster system