Muffin Monster Sewage Grinders

The Global Water Sulzer Muffin Monster Sewage Grinder is designed to protect pumps and other equipment by grinding down the toughest wastewater solids.

Features of the Muffin Monster Sewage Grinder include:

  • dual-shaft grinder
  • automated monitoring and control, protecting pumps and other critical equipment
  • Wipes Ready Technology available, which prevents materials from forming long strips and reweaving into the waste stream
  • serrated edges
  • cuts in 2 directions
  • smaller particle size
  • low speed, high torque



The DrainAce Compact is commonly found in restaurants, basements of high-rise buildings, boardrooms, laboratories, doctor or dental surgeries, construction sites and portable buildings. Units are also available for greasy waste discharge from grease arrestors. 


The Muffin Monster sewage grinder is designed to grind down the toughest of wastewater solids. They are suitable for the following applications:

  • pump stations
  • sludge processing
  • correctional facilities
  • headworks - primary treatment
  • septages/grease receiving
  • airports




The Global Water Muffin Monster features a variety of key benefits for wastewater treatment. Benefits include: 

  • controller sensor overload and auto-reverse to prevent blockages 
  • adapts to pipelines or channels with little or no modification 
  • ease and flexibility of installation 
  • more capable of grinding large debris than macerators 
  • energy saving and efficient motor 

Dual-shafted gear: Dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque grinder easily shreds the toughest debris, including rocks, wood, wipes, hair, clothing, plastic and other debris.  

Automated monitoring and controls: These monitors protect pumps and other critical equipment from costly clogs and damage from tough solids. The Auto-load sensing and reversals reduce interruptions and optimise performance. 

Wipes ReadyTM Technology: This technology prevents materials from forming long strips and reweaving in the waste stream. 

Compact and efficient design: The Muffin Monster adapts to pipelines or channels with little or no modifications. The custom stainless-steel frames allow for easy installation in channels, wet wells and pump stations.  

Low operating costs: Having clear pipes and pumps ensures shorter pump run cycles and lower electrical costs.  

The Muffin Monster range includes three series of Muffin Monster grinder pumps, these include: 

10K Series: This series is a compact grinder, tough on solids in sludge and sewage application. It is capable of fitting into areas with limited space requirements, whilst providing the necessary power for downstream protection. 

30K Series: Troublesome solids are reduced with the 30K series. Its slow speed, high-torque design ensures all tough solids are shredded. The 30K Muffin Monster series is available as both inline and open channel configurations.  

40K Series: This Muffin Monster series excels in wet and dry grinding applications. The powerful shredder makes it suitable for large processing systems and serves in many industrial applications including fish and beef processing, petroleum, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants and recycling plants. 


SA Water has flagged wet wipes as one of the biggest problems currently facing the wastewater industry. Wet wipes are notorious for clogging pipes and damaging sewer infrastructure.

The wet wipe blight

  • wipes have proven very popular with consumers
  • pump stations everywhere are clogging with wipes
  • worker safety issues
  • higher maintenance costs
  • high electrical costs due to inefficient pumps

Muffin Monster and Channel Monsters are taking up the fight by introducing 17 tooth wipes-ready cutters. These specially designed cutters feature the necessary capabilities to control both the width and length of output, preventing materials forming long strips and reweaving in the waste stream.

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