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Sewer Vent Odour Filters

The Global Water Sewer Vent Odour Filters are designed to fit in sewer vent pipes. They absorb all unpleasant odours including hydrogen sulphide. The filter media consists of various grades of an absorbent natural mineral combined with a very small quantity of an oxidizing chemical.

Features of the Sewer Vent Odour Filters include:

  • safe to handle and easy to install
  • UV resistant PVC to last many years exposed to the elements



The DrainAce Compact is commonly found in restaurants, basements of high-rise buildings, boardrooms, laboratories, doctor or dental surgeries, construction sites and portable buildings. Units are also available for greasy waste discharge from grease arrestors. 


The Channel Monster is suitable for installation in high-flow systems, such as:

  • pump stations where tough solids need to be ground up
  • high flows at the plant’s headworks




These Sewer Vent Odour Filters go one step further, with the addition of an extraction fan to the 100 mm, 150 mm and 300 mm filters. The addition of this wind driven fan allows the extraction of the foul odours from pump stations and surrounding buildings, sewer lines or confined spaces.  

The extractor S2 fans are manufactured from 5005 Grade aluminium and powder coating inside and out, to withstand the harsh sewerage environment.  


SA Water has flagged wet wipes as one of the biggest problems currently facing the wastewater industry. Wet wipes are notorious for clogging pipes and damaging sewer infrastructure.

The wet wipe blight

  • wipes have proven very popular with consumers
  • pump stations everywhere are clogging with wipes
  • worker safety issues
  • higher maintenance costs
  • high electrical costs due to inefficient pumps

Muffin Monster and Channel Monsters are taking up the fight by introducing 17 tooth wipes-ready cutters. These specially designed cutters feature the necessary capabilities to control both the width and length of output, preventing materials forming long strips and reweaving in the waste stream.

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