Sulzer Submersible Mixers

The Sulzer Submersible Mixers are an economical but robust and reliable solution for mixing and stirring applications.

Key features and benefits of the Sulzer range of submersible mixers includes:

  • efficient multiple and gear-driven mixers with either standard or explosion-proof motor enclosures
  • reduced energy costs
  • short mixing times
  • compact, water pressure-tight design
  • minimal risk of motor overloading



The DrainAce Compact is commonly found in restaurants, basements of high-rise buildings, boardrooms, laboratories, doctor or dental surgeries, construction sites and portable buildings. Units are also available for greasy waste discharge from grease arrestors. 


The Sulzer range of Submersible Mixers can be used in the following applications: 

  • mixing and stirring applications in sewage treatment plants and industrial areas, such as:
    • equalisation of sewage
    • biological processes (aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic)
    • selector (contact zone)
  • applicable for homogenisation highly concentrated sludge and slurries such as:
    • primary, secondary and digested sludge in storage and buffer tanks
    • lime and mineral slurries
  • mixing applications in pump sumps as prevention of deposits and floating crusts
  • hazardous locations, certification for ATEX, FM and CSA available as an option




The wide range of Sulzer Submersible Mixers include the following:

Submersible Mixers Type RW 400 and RW 650

These mixers offer an efficient three-phase motor, water pressure-tight encapsulated achieving an economical and reliable design, capable of running 24/7. The large, long-lasting bearings have a calculated lifetime of more than 100,000 operating houses, with no need for maintenance as they are lubricated for life.

The Sulzer range of mixers are hydraulically optimised, meaning the 2- or 3-blade axial flow propeller design achieves high thrust and high flow capacity. This construction ensures high mixing performance and reduces the maintenance through self-cleaning.

Submersible Mixers Type RW 480

As with the previous type, the RW 480 features an efficient three-phase motor. The helical one-stage robust gearbox allows numerous ratios via fatigue-strength helical gears and achieve a calculated lifetime of more than 100,000 hours for the oil lubricated bearings.

This specific mixer offers a solids deflection ring which protects the mechanical seal from damage due to the ingress of solids and fibrous matters. The abrasion-resistant galvanically insulated guide tube and suspension, also reduces the risk of electrochemical corrosion.

Submersible Mixers Type RW 200 and RW 280

These smaller mixers are ideal for preventing deposits and floating crusts in pump sumps. They keep the sump clean and limit the accumulation of solids; avoiding pump blockages. The RW 200 and RW 280 can be used in conjunction with pumps, intermittently, to reduce the power consumption. They offer operators an efficient three-phase motor, solids deflection ring, hydraulic-optimised 2-blade axial flow propellers and a versatile mounting bracket for handing installation.


SA Water has flagged wet wipes as one of the biggest problems currently facing the wastewater industry. Wet wipes are notorious for clogging pipes and damaging sewer infrastructure.

The wet wipe blight

  • wipes have proven very popular with consumers
  • pump stations everywhere are clogging with wipes
  • worker safety issues
  • higher maintenance costs
  • high electrical costs due to inefficient pumps

Muffin Monster and Channel Monsters are taking up the fight by introducing 17 tooth wipes-ready cutters. These specially designed cutters feature the necessary capabilities to control both the width and length of output, preventing materials forming long strips and reweaving in the waste stream.

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