Ideal for pump stations, the Channel Monster exceeds all other technologies in terms of capability, longevity, cost reduction and ease of installation.



The patented Channel Monster combines rotating filtering drums with the proven Muffin Monster grinder technology.

This system can accomodate high-flow rates while macerating solids such as cloth, rocks, rubbish, wood and aluminium into fragments that flow easily through pumps, pipes and processes.

Filtering drums direct all solids into the cutters and are made of 12 mm stainless steel coil. Sulzer offers optional perforated screening drums with 6 mm circular openings for higher capture efficiency.


  • grinds a wide variety of cloth, solids and rubbish
  • stronger and more robust than comminutors and chopper pumps
  • easily replaces a bar screen
  • eiminates odour, pollution and cost of transporting screenings to landfill
  • grind at pump stations, screen at headworks or discharge point
  • greatly reduces or eliminates emergency pump repairs


  • capable of handling high flow rates including storm flows
  • adaptable to most existing channel applications
  • auto-load sensing and reversing reduces interruptions



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