Global Water supply and maintain a range of reverse osmosis desalination equipment that can produce any quantity of scheme, brackish or sea water into pure drinking water.




MemX embraces water purification technologies; reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and media filtration. MemX water treatment plants ensure consistent water quality for municipal potable water, mining and projects.

Turn-key packaged plants can be containerised, skid mounted or built on-site with telemetry options including fully automated remote control allowing adjustments online, reducing operating costs.


  • save money and precious freshwater reserves by turning bore water into potable water
  • improve land productivity by reducing ground water salinity
  • cost effectively provide low chloride, high quality water for applications in remote areas
  • cut costs and increase efficiency by turning a waste product into usable water
  • eliminates water transport and pipe construction costs


The process of reverse osmosis represents the finest level of liquid filtration available today.

Reverse osmosis is a process that achieves separation of dissolved salts and impurities from a water solution by means of pressure exerted on a semi-permeable membrane.

The membrane is a thin, multi-layered sheet that allows water molecules to pass through while acting as a barrier to dissolved solids like salts and other chemicals.

Salts and other impurities that build up on the feed side of the membrane are continuously flushed away as a more concentrated solution while the purified water is drawn off for use.



By using ground water in road construction, Global Water reverse osmosis desalination equipment eliminates the need to truck water or take it from expensive scheme systems.


Allows the user to maintain the desired pH range for elution or utilise ground water for mining camps.


Reduces chloride for high quality concrete processing.


Lowers ground water salinity and turns a waste product into usable water.


Allows the use of sea water for fresh water fish farming.


Turns bore water into potable water.



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