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Different varieties of pump stations available

Our team highlight some of the different materials available for pump station construction, their benefits and applications.


Different varieties of pump stations available

Are you looking to find out more about Pump Stations? Our handy guide breaks down the different materials of construction, their benefits and whether they’re the best solution for your application…

GW concrete pump station install crop
Above: Concrete Pump Station

Pump stations are found in domestic, residential and commercial environments, where sewer, stormwater, effluent or trade waste requires transfer.

Global Water have over 40-years’ experience working with engineers, councils, water utilities and contractors to ensure the correct pump stations is applied. Depending on the client requirements, there are multiple pump stations available:


Polyethylene Pump Stations

Stormwater Pump Station

This lightweight prefabricated polyethylene material is suitable for applications including residential and commercial, pH control tanks, holding/settling pits, wastewater treatment, stormwater, dump tanks and trade waste treatment.


  • easy to move
  • suitable for smaller sized stations
  • arrives pre-assembled

Global Water’s DrainAce Polyethylene Pump Station is available in a variety of capacities, from 280L through to 6,100L. 


Concrete pump stations

Concrete Pump Station
The precast mould-formed concrete pump stations are made from intensely vibrated high early strength cement and calcareous aggregate.

The concrete used by Global Water offers a 100-year design life, which assures durability when holding raw sewage, effluent, trade waste and stormwater are engineered to stand the test of time.



  • suitable for larger-volume requirements
  • take heavy traffic loads
  • global Water EnviroLift approved by SA Water

The range of EnviroLift Modular or DrainAce Concrete Pump Stations available through Global Water have been designed to suit multi-dwelling residential installations, commercial and industrial developments. They are ideal for schemes where twin pumps or large storage volumes are required and are rated to Class D traffic loads.

Fibreglass pump stations


Fibreglass offers an impressive heavy-duty, lightweight and corrosion resistant chamber, suitable for remote townships, mining camps and corrosive effluent applications. 

The Fibreglass range is specifically designed to cater for applications that require a cost effective, top quality solutions.


  • lightweight and non-corrosive
  • minimum maintenance required
  • strong, resilient material - can withstand ground or liquid pressures

EnviroLift Fibreglass Pump Station is Global Water’s answer to an effective pump station that is suitable for corrosive applications and requires minimum maintenance. Easy on-site installation (and pre-assembly) reassures project managers.


For more information on the different varieties of Pump Stations on offer through Global Water, contact our team of experts. Global Water have experience working with all varieties and can advise of best practice.

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