Global Water DrainAce Concrete Pump Stations are a versatile range of precast mould-formed stations made from intensely vibrated high early strength cement and calcareous aggregate. Designed for residential, municipal and commercial applications, the DrainAce precast pump station is a lower cost option for stormwater, effluent and water supply systems. The stations can also be used as storage tanks either above or below ground, and to be buried up to 1.2 m depth.




The DrainAce Concrete Pump Stations are heavy duty commercial pump stations of mould-formed and intensely vibrated construction, using fibre reinforced concrete, high early strength cement and calcareous aggregate.

Available in a range of sizes from 5700 L to 23,500 L capacity, the DrainAce Concrete Pump Stations comply to ASNZ1546.1 and are Department of Health approved. Each size is fully engineered with coverslab thicknesses for light, medium or heavy load ratings. The chambers can also be installed above ground.

Suitable for effluent, sewage and stormwater applications, single or dual submersible pumps can be fitted either free standing or guide rail mounted with auto-coupling. Both options allow easy removal of pumps for maintenance. Valves can be mounted internally negating the need for an external valve chamber.

Applications include Council effluent reuse schemes, large car park or industrial complex stormwater drainage, and sewer disposal for commercial developments such as caravan parks and office complexes.


  • depths to 3.0 m and capacities from 5,700 to 23,500 litres
  • pre-engineered for long life - design conforms AS3735
  • large range of pumps up to 100 mm discharge
  • range of covers assemblies for different load ratings, or suitable for burying below ground
  • Department of Health approved


  • long product life – calcareous concrete mix allows for superior product life expectancy
  • quick delivery – pre engineered saving you time
  • saves space – housing valves internally reduces the spacial footprint on site
  • safe installation – 'swift lift' anchors make a quick and easy transportation
  • adaptable – can accommodate any pipework size or configuration
  • conforms to A, B and D load ratings


  • residential, municipal, commercial or industrial stormwater or effluent disposal
  • rainwater reuse systems
  • blind sump or storage pit
  • above ground water supply
  • emergency sewage overflow


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