The EnviroLift Modular Concrete Pump Stations are high strength concrete mould-form precast units offering the highest levels of engineered quality, reliability and WHS safety design. The one-piece base & sludge batter and patented integral valve chamber are all hallmarks of design innovation and ingenuity. Boasting reduced installation costs, the smallest footprint along with WSAA and regulatory approvals, the EnviroLift concrete pumps stations are the first choice of engineers around Australia.



The high-strength construction and the highest level of engineered quality, reliability and WHS safety design make this a station of choice for water authority and municipal applications. 

Global Water has been actively engaged in developing a wide range of safety focused alternative systems to suit the many and varied demands of the Australian market, where site conditions will not allow the gravity disposal of raw sewage, effluent, trade waste and stormwater.

The Global Water EnviroLift precast concrete packaged pumping stations have been developed for use in multi-dwelling residential installations, commercial and industrial developments and common effluent schemes where twin pumps or larger storage volumes are required.

The EnviroLift pre-cast concrete pits are a unique, mould-formed chamber with a smooth, hard, impervious finish, specially designed to give superior life by combining high strength (50 MPa) sulphate resistant cement and calcareous aggregate. Internal coatings or polyethylene linings are available as options.






  • sizes through to ø3600 mm
  • depths to15 m
  • largest emergency storage volume — 10 m3 per m depth
  • pumps up to ø450 mm discharge size can be installed
  • large valve chamber (1800 x 2200 mm) to accommodate larger valves or even dry-well pumps


  • complete station as a single package — reduced installation costs
  • much smaller footprint size - neater installation
  • ease of maintenance - dismantling joint is 90° elbow
  • one-way valve chamber drain with very short drain line
  • no need for separate concrete pours for switchgear and vent stack
  • shorter cable runs - easier pump replacement
  • Global Water is able to provide on-site commissioning of the pump station after installation is completed. Full after-sales backup is provided with a preventative maintenance program available on request.

Packages are approved by relevant water authorities round Australia, and comprise a pre-cast concrete holding tank in a range of sizes, single or dual submersible pumps with either a built-in float switches or control panel operated, and all internal pipework and valves. The unit can be supplied with pump stands and valves pre-assembled for simple on-site installation.

Pits can be supplied with integral valve chambers, fully sealed against ingress of liquid or gas, an innovation which further reduces capital cost, space requirements and on-site labour.


  • with or without automatic level control
  • passage of solids from 20 to 60 mm
  • comes supplied with 10 m cable
  • compact shape, fittings for easy mounting, and small sump requirements enable a quick and cost-effective installation
  • for locations such as building sites, the MF 354, MF 504, and MF 804 are available in a VO version, featuring a protective screen, elbow, and hose coupling



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