Global Water's prefabricated concrete, fiberglass and polyethylene pump stations are nationally recognised as the benchmark in design innovation, quality, safety and reliability by engineers, councils, water utilities and contractors. From small residential allotments to large urban sewer and stormwater networks, Global Water's complete range of pump stations with the flexibility to design to client specific requirements is the answer for any sewer, stormwater, effluent or trade waste application.




The DrainAce Polyethylene Pump Stations are designed as a heavy duty lightweight prefabricated pump station combining a heavy duty polyethylene chamber with a wide range of pump and control options to provide an compact, 


The DrainAce compact pump station is the ultimate solution for commercial kitchen and trade waste applications where gravity discharge to a sewer connection or treatment device is not available.


Global Water DrainAce™ Concrete Pump Stations are a versatile range of precast mould-formed stations made from intensely vibrated high early strength cement and calcareous aggregate. 


The EnviroLift Modular Concrete Pump Stations are high strength concrete mould-form precast units offering the highest levels of engineered quality, reliability and WHS safety design. 


EnviroLift Fibreglass Pump Stations are specifically designed for applications where a heavy-duty lightweight and corrosion resistant chamber is required.


The DrainAce sump pump package is designed for applications that require a flow rate up to 3 L/s and combines either a precast glass reinforced cement or a polyethylene sump with a range of compact automatic sump pumps.


Muffin Monster sewage grinders are designed to protect pumps and other equipment by grinding down the toughest wastewater solids.


Ideal for pump stations, the Channel Monster exceeds all other technologies in terms of capability, longevity, cost reduction and ease of installation.


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