Stormwater management aims to build on the traditional objective of local flood protection by having multiple outcomes, including improved water quality management, protected ecosystems, and liveable and attractive communities.




The Global Water gross pollutant traps (GPT) are the most economical solution for the removal of floating debris and silt from stormwater run-off or washdown water.


The Global Water SBI720 stormwater bypass interceptor is an at-source treatment device that not only removes gross pollutants and fine silt from stormwater run-off, but effectively captures hydrocarbons and other light-liquid pollutants.


The Global Water EcoTreat Full Retention Separator is an oil separator that effectively treats polluted run-off water. It is specifically designed to treat water run-off and contain large oil spills. 



The EcoTreat Bypass Oil/Water Separator is designed to treat the flow generated by rainfall in hard stand areas where concentrated hydrocarbons are present. If the flow increases the water bypasses the treatment process and exits the chamber via the drainage pipe. 


These fibreglass water retention systems are based around a filament wound glass reinforced plastic underground storage tank.

It can also be used as a treatment device, which successfully traps and removes oil particles via a coalescing filter. 

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