The e-Boost packaged hot water circulation systems are a range of automated twin pump circulation packages designed to reduce energy consumption and ensure consistent hot water supply.



Designed to deliver a flow of constant hot water with in a supplied loop, the e-Boost hot water circulation system is a low energy and cost-effective unit for all on demand hot water applications. The hot water circulator saves onsite installation and simplifies site co-ordination with the unit being supplied as a package.

These units come standard with dual pumps, KPT thermostatic control, and automatic pump duty cycle changeover. Other options include: stainless steel or brass construction, 24hr time control, building management control system (BMS) and weather proof enclosures.

Standard sizes include 20, 25, 35 and 40 mm schematic layout. Custom builds are available to meet high-flow, pressure and temperature requirements.


  • increased system efficiency
  • reduced installation time
  • increased pump life via load sharing
  • ‘plug-in’ electrics
  • temperature and/or timer control
  • dual bronze or stainless steel pumps
  • multi-speed pumps
  • automatic pump alternation
  • duty override selector


The e-Boost system incorporates pumps, all inter-connecting pipework, valves, supports, Kwikstart controller and associated components all mounted on a base or a wall mountable backing plate. The package is pre-tested to ensure component compatibility and eliminates the possibility of incorrect installation.

The range of e-Boost hot water circulating pumps are engineered to provide a long and reliable service life at maximum effciency.

The e-Boost hot water circulating pumps are constructed from bronze or stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance and are complete with accessories such as unions, triple speed selection and an air venting system.


Kwikstart controllers allow optimum operational control featuring the automatic alternation of pumps, duty cycle selector, adjustable temperature set-point, optional 24/7 time clock and ‘plug-in’ system eliminating the need to engage an electrical contractor for on-site electrical termination.

The pump control is automated relative to adjustable set point to achieve accurate and reliable temperature control plus flexible timer program to shut pump system down during periods of no demand e.g. during the night and/or weekends.



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