Residential PS2.jpg
Residential PS2.jpg

DrainAce Polyethylene Pump Stations are a durable lightweight prefabricated pump station combining a polyethylene chamber with a wide range of pump and control options.

Used in residential and commercial projects for effluent, sewer and stormwater drainage systems.



Capable of pumping sewage, wastewater or stormwater these polyethylene pump stations are the ideal drainage solution for residential and commercial pumping systems. Customisable, tough, low cost and quick distribution are qualities that make it one of our most popular pumping stations.



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Key Benefits

  • cost effective and easy to install
  • Department of Health approved
  • in compliance with AS 3500 and AS 1546
  • assembled and delivered within 7 days
  • various polyethylene body sizes to fit intake
  • built from durable lightweight chemical resistant polyethylene
  • multiple preformed spigots
  • covers that are suited for vehicle traffic (optional)
  • automatic or manual submersible pumps that can be installed singularly or as dual system
  • pump control panels with audible and visual alarms if required


These polyethylene residential and commercial pump stations are also customisable for pH control tanks, holding/settling pits, wastewater treatment dump tanks, and trade waste treatment. If needed these stations can be paired with grinders for sewage and vortex for stormwater. For more information on the components of these stations download the brochures at the bottom of this page.

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Model # Description File
DrainAce Packaged Polyethylene Pump Stations brochure Download
Submersible Sump Pump - GPD & GPV Series brochure Download
Submersible Sewage Pumps - GP Series brochure Download

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