Used for control, monitoring or both, the Sulzer ABS pump controller PC 441 provides advanced but easy-to-use functions that can reduce service visits and increase the effectiveness of pumping stations.



The Sulzer ABS pump controller PC 441 offers many ways to reduce energy consumption, troublesome peak loads, downtime and tankering costs. Simple to install and operate, it provides both control and monitoring functions that are easy to combine according to your application needs. Designed primarily for municipal pumping stations, it widens the range of Sulzer ABS systems for control and/or monitoring.

The pumping controller is mainly designed for use in municipal wastewater pumping stations. Its many advanced features minimize operational costs and increase the availability of pumping stations and networks throughout their entire life cycles.

Users can operate the PC 441 as a standalone monitoring unit. Alternatively they can run the AquaProg configuration software on a PC connected directly to the local service port or remotely, such as via modem. Settings are password-protected at two levels in order to avoid unauthorised or accidental changes.


  • operates as a standalone monitoring unit
  • connects to a CA 511 graphical display to provide a full user interface for viewing and setting all parameters
  • minimises operating costs and increases pumping station availability
  • connects to any supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or telemetry system supporting the Modbus or Comli communication protocols


  • monitoring and controlling municipal wastewater pumping stations
  • viewing alarms, manually controlling pumps, and changing settings, either locally via the graphical user interface or using the AquaProg software
  • AquaProg software can be used for backing up the controller settings on the hard disk and also for downloading alarms, events and historical data


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