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Global nominated as a Preferred Supplier to the LGA

The latest announcement from the team at Global Water


Global nominated as a Preferred Supplier to the LGA

Global Water, a division of Global Pump Group, are pleased to announce that we have been awarded approved supplier status for goods and services to the Local Government sector in South Australia. 


This allows all Global Water products to be considered for water and wastewater projects by all councils and other entities constituted within the meaning of the Local Government Act 1999 (SA) (LGA).

What does it mean if Global Water, a division of Global Pump Group, are a preferred supplier?

Global Water have been pre-qualified as an approved supplier by LGA Procurement under the LGAP 20059 Community Wastewater Services

Councils are no longer required to obtain three quotes when businesses are recognised as an approved supplier, streamlining the procurement process and allowing asset managers and engineers to more easily maintain or replace assets within their jurisdiction.


What products do Global offer for the LGA?

Global Water are committed to assisting local councils implement reliable, trustworthy and effective assets throughout their developments and projects. Our proven range of effluent pumps and pumping stations are included in the panel, as well as our water treatment devices. These are suitable for installation in a wide range of applications including sewage and effluent pumping, stormwater and flood mitigation schemes, and water supply or water reuse projects.

Our wide range of Pump Stations including polyethylene, fibreglass and concrete construction are suitable for domestic, commercial and municipal applications. The range of Global Water pump stations are nationally recognised for their innovation, quality, safety and reliability. They are suitable for all CWMS applications from small isolated facilities through to whole townships, with flexibility to design to meet client specific requirements.

Stormwater Treatment devices are available for secondary and tertiary treatment trains. Global Water’s EcoTreat range effectively treats polluted run-off water. The Full Retention model contains large oil spills and the Bypass device allows high flow to bypass the treatment process and exit the chamber. The EcoTreat range complies with EPA water quality guidelines of ‘no visible trace’ and certified to European Standard EN858-1.

Wastewater Treatment is available through the team at Global Water and includes a range of municipal and industry solutions for gaseous emissions, odour, fat, grease, sludge and sewage control and management. This includes chemical dosing systems.

The supply and commissioning of Water Pressure Booster Sets for portable or recycled water distribution are also included in the approved goods for the LGA. Utilising standardised designs, both stocked and custom components can be integrated into an efficient and fully integrated system tailored to suit the needs of the council. 


Global Water are looking forward to working with councils and other municipal authorities within the LGA and welcome enquiries on the wide range of products now available.

For more information on the range of LGA approved products available through Global Water, or to chat to an expert about the wide range of water treatment and pumping solutions, contact our team.

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