The Global Water EcoTreat Full Retention Separator is an oil separator that effectively treats polluted run-off water. It is one of Global Water's multiple stormwater treatment devices available. 



Global Water’s EcoTreat Class 1 Bypass Separator is an in-line device designed to treat stormwater run-off from paved areas where low levels of hydrocarbon residuals and gross pollutants are present whilst allowing high flows to pass without restriction. The Bypass Separator is suitable for primary and secondary treatment in low risk areas, removing hydrocarbons and suspended solids whilst preventing on-site flooding from storm events.

Technical Data

Model number
BP-35 BP-60 BP-125
Treatment flow rate (L/s) 7 12 25
Bypass flow rate (L/s) 35 60 125
Capacity (L) 1730 2200 3720
Diameter (mm) 1300 1850 1850
Height (mm) 1880 1460 2090
Weight (kg) 98 163 211
Inlet diameter (mm) 160-315 200-400 315-355
Outlet diameter (mm) 160-315 200-400 315-355
Oil storage volume (L) 70 120 250
Sediment storage volume (L) 700 1200 2000

Note: The treatment flow rate depicts the maximum flow the EcoTreat Class 1 Bypass Separator can treat through the coalescing unit, while the bypass flow rate is the maximum rate at which partially treated flow moves through the unit in a storm event.


- carparks

- shopping centres

- warehouse loading areas

- industrial yards

- waste depots

- heavy vehicle maintenance and storage areas

- airport aprons and tarmacs

- road tunnels

Water quality certification

Full-scale performance testing of the EcoTreat Class 1 Bypass Separator was conducted by the University of South Australia in accordance with Stormwater Australia guidelines for suspended solids and nutrient removal. The unit achieved Class 1 gravity supply device requirements, in accordance with EN 858-1.

The EcoTreat Class 1 Bypass treatment device is compliant to AS/NZS 1546.1.

For full details on certified MUSIC modelling, please contact Global Water.

How it works

    All incoming first-flush run-off passes through the settling chamber, allowing settling and removal of sediment and other suspended solids.

    Captured oil and other hydrocarbons are held in the oil storage chamber. The capacity of this chamber meets the requirements of EN 858-1.

    The flow then passes through the coalescing treatment device which combines small droplets of light liquids such as oil and diesel, allowing them to be trapped and removed, ensuring the oil content in the outflow is less than 5 mg/L. This meets the requirements of a Class 1 gravity supply device, in accordance with EN 858-1.

    During high-flow events, the excess flow bypasses the settling chamber and the coalescing device, ensuring that trapped pollutants are not diluted or washed through. This bypass feature ensures that the site is protected from flooding in storm events.

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The EcoTreat range includes a Full Retention device, along with the Bypass model. More information on the collection of stormwater products is available in the brochure. 

Model number
Description File
EcoTreat Class 1 Stormwater Treatment Device - Bypass Brochure Download

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