The JWC Auger Monster® is a reliable and inexpensive wastewater screen featuring a combination of JWC’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor.



The Auger Monster removes rubbish and unwanted solids from the treatment stream, enabling a more efficient plant and easier life for operators and managers.

Firstly, a robust Muffin, Channel or Macho Monster grinder shreds clumps of cloth, rubbish and waste. Next, solids are captured by a perforated screening trough and separated by the rotating auger. As solids are removed, dual-wash water zones clean off fecal matter. The auger then transfers solids to the discharge point where the (optional) combined compactor presses out any remaining water, before unloading the cleaned and dried material into a bin or skip.

As less fecal matter and water are present in the final discharge, odours are kept to a minimum and costs of transport to landfill are reduced.


  • dual-shafted grinder
  • spiral lifting screw
  • pivoted auger allows for easy access
  • automated programmable logic controller (PLC) monitoring and controls


  • cleaner screenings discharge
  • breaks-up clumps for more efficient washing
  • removes fecal matter for cleaner discharge and odour reduction
  • easy installation in existing channel or outdoor locations



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