Global Water have partnered with VEGA to implement radar sensors in a range of pump stations



    VEGA-PCS11The new generation technology from VEGA further complements the quality and reliability of Global Water’s municipal pump station range, with accurate level measurements and reliable pump control.

    Global Water offer VEGA radar level sensors in all sewage pump stations for municipal applications. These level control devices feature a high-intensity radar beam that targets the liquid surface with pinpoint accuracy, avoiding internal obstructions and eliminating dead spots. They operate with a transmission frequency of 80 GHz, and a beam angle of typically 3o (model dependent), meaning the sensor receives district, definitive reflections from the products surface.

    These radars see through surface of typical wet well foam, and can ignore fat build-up on pipework or and condensation on the antenna, greatly reducing false tripping and giving much more reliable pump control.


    Benefits of Radar Technology in Pump Stations

    Reliable and accurate level measurement is crucial in pumping stations. 

    VEGA’s radar sensors are so powerful they can reliably see through surface foam and vapour, obstructions such as spider webs and fat build-up, and condensation and dirt on the antenna, greatly reducing false tripping and giving much more reliable pump control. 

    Installing a VEGA radar sensor inside a sewage pump station offers peace of mind for maintenance personnel. Each measurement ensures reliability of results, and a controller with intelligent pump management for optimal operation and energy usage, plus Bluetooth connected phone call takes in-field adjustments and routine maintenance checks to a whole different level.

    The radar sensor is constructed with highly resistant materials, giving long service life and durability for the harshest of environments.


    Key features of VEGA's radar sensors include:

    • digital readout controller with intelligent pump management for optimal operational and energy usage
    • maximum reliability and accuracy
    • unaffected by temperature or humidity fluctuations
    • wear and maintenance free
    • cost effective - accurate pump switching ensures optimal operating times
    • secure, user friendly wireless operation via Bluetooth from a phone or iPad


    Model # Description File
    VEGAPULS 11 brochure Download
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