Commercial Stormwater Pump Stations


At Global Water, we enable businesses to manage stormwater effectively with our comprehensive range of Drainace and Envirolift commercial pump stations. Whether you're facing heavy downpours in urban settings or managing runoff from large industrial sites, our solutions are designed to handle the toughest challenges.


Drainace Pump Stations:

  • They are pre-assembled and have a compact design for easy installation and compact. They are available in concrete or polyethylene and have a wide range of pump capacities to suit your specific drainage requirements. Both our concrete and poly pumpstations can accomodate single or dual pumps.







Envirolift Pump Stations:

  • These units are custom-designed and engineered to meet specific site requirements. They are available in various sizes and configurations for maximum flexibility. Enviro-lifts have a heavy-duty construction for reliable operation in demanding environments. As they are typically used in critical environments, sophisticated control panels and monitoring systems are included for optimal performance.






DrainAce Comncrete Pump Station
Global Water DrainAce Concrete Pump Stations are a versatile range of precast mould-formed stations made from intensely vibrated high early strength cement and calcareous aggregate
DrainAce Polyethlyene Pump Station
The DrainAce Polyethylene Pump Stations are designed as a heavy duty lightweight prefabricated pump station
EnviroLift Concrete Pump Station
The EnviroLift Modular Concrete Pump Stations are high strength concrete mould-form precast units
EnviroLift Fibreglass Pump Station
EnviroLift Fibreglass Pump Stations are specifically designed for applications where a heavy-duty lightweight and corrosion resistant chamber is required
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