Commercial Sewer Pump Stations

At Global Water, we understand the critical role commercial sewer systems play in ensuring the smooth operation of your business. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of Drainace Concrete and Envirolift pump stations specifically designed to handle the demands of commercial applications.

Drainace Pump Stations:

Ideal for: Any commercial property that requires reliable sewage transfer. This includes but isn't limited to restaurants, hotels, food service establishments, retail stores, shopping centres, office buildings and industrial facilities. They are pre-assembled and have a compact design for easy installation.

Envirolift Pump Stations:

Ideal for: Large commercial buildings/complexes, High-rise developments Industrial sites with demanding wastewater needs. Available in concrete or fiberglass construction for superior strength and longevity.

Global Water DrainAce Concrete Pump Stations are a versatile range of precast mould-formed stations made from intensely vibrated high early strength cement and calcareous aggregate
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The EnviroLift Modular Concrete Pump Stations are high strength concrete mould-form precast units
EnviroLift Fibreglass Pump Stations are specifically designed for applications where a heavy-duty lightweight and corrosion resistant chamber is required
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