Commercial Potable Water Systems


For businesses and organisations of all sizes, a consistent and reliable supply of clean, safe drinking water is paramount. Commercial potable water systems play a crucial role in achieving this vital objective. These comprehensive systems encompass various components designed to treat, filter, and pump water to meet specific quality and quantity requirements.

Among the various technologies utilise within these systems,
Dosing & Chlorination systems, E-boost and packaged pumping systems stand out as efficient and adaptable solutions for a range of commercial applications.


Choosing the Right System


When selecting the most suitable commercial potable water system for your project, you have to consider these various factors:


Specific water quality and pressure requirements: 

Different applications have varying water quality and pressure demands.

  • Water source and available volume: 

  • The system's capacity must align with the available water source and required flow rate.

  • Budget and space constraints: 

  • Consider the initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs, as well as the available space for installation.




Dosing & Chlorination Systems are suitable for chlorine gas and sodium hypochlorite disinfection
eBoost Hot Water Circulator
The e-Boost packaged hot water circulation systems are a range of automated twin pump circulation packages designed to reduce energy consumption
eBoost Pressure Booster
The Global Water e-Boost pressure booster range is the state-of-the-art fully integrated booster system
eBoost Rainwater Booster & Re-Use System
e-Boost rainwater utilisation systems are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications
EB Series are available in different inlet and outlet sizes and various numbers of stages to provide the flow and pressure required
Packaged Pumping Systems (1)
Many years of expertise in pump hydraulics enables Global Water to engineer complete pumping systems
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