Protecting high risk environments with world class innovations

Discover how Global Water are protecting high risk environments with their latest stormwater treatment devices


Protecting high risk environments with world class innovations

Heightened awareness of the ecological effects of urbanisation has increased in recent years. Developers now seek to minimise adverse environment impacts on commercial or large-scale residential projects.

19-168-GW-WWW-EcoTreat-Bypass-render-insitu-Web-bannerAbove: EcoTreat installed on-site

Effective at-source primary and secondary water treatment can ensure that waterways are protected and local drainage system assets are not compromised.

In response to this demand for sustainable and effective stormwater treatment, Global Water have introduced the EcoTreat range of new generation treatment devices. The EcoTreat units protect the ecosystem and municipal infrastructure by capturing gross pollutants, settling out suspended solids and capturing hydrocarbon contaminants in stormwater run-off.

The EcoTreat range by Global Water offers two types of device, the Full Retention Oil / Water Separator, and the Bypass version.



The EcoTreat Full Retention Oil/Water Separatoreffectively treats every day episodic spills of diesel and oil, plus contains major spills that may occur. The Full Retention FR Series is fitted with a coalescing treatment device that ensures that any hydrocarbon contaminated run-off is treated to comply to the stringent Class 1 requirements of the EN 858-1, with a stormwater discharge quality of less than 5 mg/L oil content.

The FR Series is suitable for secondary stormwater treatment, successful in removing sediment, suspended solids and hydrocarbons.

Applications for the EcoTreat Full Retention device:

  • fuel depots and refuelling stations
  • petrol station forecourts
  • industrial loading zones
  • aircraft/helicopter facilities
  • commercial trucking yards
  • mining and heavy vehicle service areas
  • transformer stations

For low risk applications where there is little chance of a spill or significant damage to the environment, Global Water’s EcoTreat Bypass Oil/Water Separator is appropriate. 


The Bypass device is designed to treat stormwater run-off from paved areas where low levels of hydrocarbon residuals and gross pollutants are present, whilst allowing high flows to pass without restriction. The EcoTreat Bypass is suitable for primary and secondary treatment in low risk areas, removing suspended solids, silt, hydrocarbons and nutrients whilst preventing on-site flooding from storm events. 

Applications for the EcoTreat Bypass device:

  • carparks
  • shopping centres
  • warehouse loading areas 
  • industrial yards
  • waste depots
  • heavy vehicle maintenance and storage areas
  • airport aprons and tarmacs
  • road tunnels

Through effective quality stormwater treatment in accordance with industry best practice and EPA and Stormwater Australia guidelines, local waterways and ecosystems are protected.

Global Water are committed to providing the expertise technology to ensure that the environment is maintained safe and healthy.

To request supporting EcoTreat literature, research and AutoCad drawings, get in touch with Global Water. For more information on the EcoTreat range or to chat to an expert about which device is appropriate for your development, contact Global Water 1300 1 GLOBAL (45 622) or

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