Let Global Water help you with your next project

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Let Global Water help you with your next project

Global Water works with you to design and develop complete water solutions, that ensure maximum efficiency and low operational costs.

We offer world-class potable water, wastewater and stormwater collection, pumping and treatment systems across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Whether you’re looking to buy a pump station, are enquiring about wastewater treatment services, or are interested in learning more, check out some of our innovative product ranges today.

Pump Stations Pumping Systems Stormwater-1 Potable Water-1 Wastewater-1 Submersible-Pumps

Pump Stations
Fully Customisable Pump Stations

Global Water offer clients an exceptional range of prefabricated concrete, fiberglass and polyethylene pump stations.
Our team of experts work with you, from small residential allotments to large urban sewer and stormwater networks. All designs can be customised according to your pump station requirements. Our range of Pump Stations include nine fully customisable poly pump stations, each with the versatility to answer your residential and light commercial project requirements. 

Pumping Systems
The Right One for Your Project

Global Water’s 40 years of expertise has allowed them to develop recognised quality pumping systems that meet Australian standards and your individual project requirements. The team utilise streamlined designs, have access to both stocked and custom components, to integrate and create efficient systems tailored to clients needs. All the pumping system designs are verified by our team of Global Water experts in Adelaide.

Stormwater Treatment
No More Water Waste

Stormwater management is a crucial element in today’s harsh Australian landscape. Our team at Global Water understand the need for intelligent design and re-use, which is why we strive to implement quality and sound stormwater management.

We aim to build on the traditional aspect of local flood protection by ensuring each project we undertake achieves, not only water catchment and detention, but quality management and treatment, resulting in protected ecosystems and livable and attractive communities.

Potable Water Treatment
Water Purification at its Finest

Global Water has created the innovation MemX water purification technology, which achieves multiple water treatment objectives. The technology has the capability to reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and media filtration. It ensures consistent water quality for municipal potable water, mining and projects. With the guidance of our Global Water experts, quality water treatment has never been easier to achieve.

Above: Global Water's MemX water purification technology

Wastewater Treatment
Cost-effective Water Treatment

We work with municipal authorities and industry to achieve cost-effective trade and wastewater treatment solutions for gaseous emissions, odour, fat, grease, sludge and sewage control and management. It’s important that the nasty stuff is handled, which is why many communities around South Australia choose to install innovative products on offer by Global Water. The Global Water wastewater product range includes traditional grease arrestors for simple tradewaste through to aerators and in line macerators for WWTP and CWMS schemes.

Submersible Pumps
Best of the best

To complement the range of water treatment and filtration systems offered, Global Water has a wide range of submersible pumps available to customers. They range in application, from sump pumps, undersink pump chambers, sweage pumps, grinder pumps, wastewater pumps and dewatering pumps.

Electrical Controls
To Make it Run Smoothly

Every pump system needs quality controllers, which is why Global Water offer a range of robust and effective controllers to suit every price range. Our pump controllers are suited for potable water, wastewater and stormwater pump applications and can be compatible with most residential and light commercial sized pumps.


To learn more about the diverse range of offerings from Global Water, or a quote on any of our products, contact our team of experts.

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