Global Water implement VEGA's world-class radar sensors in all pump stations

Discover how Global Water have implemented the state-of-the-art sensors from leading German manufacturer VEGA


Global Water implement VEGA's world-class radar sensors in all pump stations

Global Water is committed to developing next generation technology and remaining at the forefront of innovative solutions for water pumping and treatment.


The team have recently partnered with VEGA to implement their radar sensors as standard in all municipal sewage pump stations. This new technology provides greater reliability, ease of maintenance, giving operators and maintenance teams peace of mind.


This new generation sensor enhances the quality and reliability of Global Water’s municipal pump station ranges, and will also be available as an option over the whole pump station range.  

From tough polyethylene to concrete and fiberglass packages, the durability of Global Water’s Envirolift® and DrainAce® products is a natural partner with this world-class innovation by VEGA.

As pump stations are installed to compensate for lack of gravity, accurate level measurements is critical to ensure reliable control of the submersible pumps.


The difference between radar technology and ultrasonic

Over the last decade, ultrasonic has been the level technology of choice. It was considered more reliable than float switches, level probes or submersible transducers. However, the acoustic technology and wide beam angle has caused numerous issues, including false readings from pumps and pipework, trouble differentiating foam and fat build-up and blind spots.

Unlike ultrasonic, VEGA’s radar level sensor features a high-intensity radar beam that targets the liquid surface with pinpoint accuracy, avoiding internal obstructions. These sensors operate with a transmission frequency of 80 GHz, with a typical beam angle of only 3o meaning the sensor receives distinct, definitive reflections from the liquid surface giving a much more accurate and reliable measurement.

Unaffected by condensation, VEGA's radar can also see through foam and obstructions such as spiderwebs and fat deposits on pipework and pit walls, and can even work reliably fully submerged.


What does this new addition to our pump stations achieve?

The VEGA radar level sensor offers a level of accuracy and reliability in level monitoring unheard of previously, greatly reducing false tripping and giving far more reliable pump control. In addition, the device performance can be checked via Bluetooth from a phone or iPad all without even needing to leave the service vehicle, making routine station check-ups a dream!

20-092-GW-DIGI-VEGA-x-GW_Email-FA2Above: connectivity via Bluetooth to devices

Other features of these new radar sensors in pump stations include:

  • digital read-out controller with intelligent pump management for optimal operation and energy usage
  • will still operate reliably even under water
  • unaffected by temperature or humidity fluctuations
  • wear and maintenance free
  • cost effective – accurate pump switching ensures optimal operating times
  • secure, user friendly wireless operation via Bluetooth with smartphone, tablet or PC

VEGA and Wastewater & Water Pump Stations

VEGA is an experienced supplier of equipment and instrumentation for sewage treatment plants, supplying their German-made level and pressure sensor technology around the world for decades. Global Water are excited to launch this partnership and are eager to discuss the abilities of VEGA’s new radar level transmitters with new and existing pump station customers.

Whether you have a pre-existing Global Water sewage pump station or are arranging for a new commission, Global Water can integrate this latest VEGA radar technology into your pump station installation.

For more information on this latest VEGA technology, or to chat to an expert about adding it to your pump station, contact Global Water on 1300 1 GLOBAL (45622), or email us at

Alternatively, feel free to book a virtual meeting with one of our team members to discuss.

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