Residential Stormwater Pump stations


Residential stormwater pump stations are underground systems that collect and pump stormwater away from homes and properties. They are typically used in low-lying areas where gravity drainage is not possible, or in areas with poor soil conditions that cannot handle the volume of stormwater runoff.


How do they work?

Stormwater runoff from roofs, driveways, and other impervious surfaces is collected in a sump or pit. The water then flows into the pump station, where a submersible pump or pumps discharge the water to a higher elevation, such as a municipal storm drain or retention pond.


Benefits of using a residential stormwater pump station:


    • Prevents flooding: By removing stormwater from your property, you can help to prevent flooding in your basement, crawlspace, or garage.

    • Protects your foundation: Excess water around your foundation can lead to cracks and other damage. A stormwater pump station can help to protect your foundation from water damage.

    • Improves drainage: If your property has poor drainage, a stormwater pump station can help to improve drainage and prevent standing water.

  • Increases property value: A stormwater pump station can be a valuable addition to your property, and it can even increase your property value.

DrainAce Polyethlyene Pump Station
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The DrainAce Sump Pump Package is designed for applications that require a flow rate up to 3 L/s
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