Effective at-source stormwater treatment solves environmental concerns

Global Water showcase their innovative at-source stormwater treatment devices


Effective at-source stormwater treatment solves environmental concerns

Without effective stormwater management or treatment, stormwater can cause problems on and off site through erosion and the transportation of nutrients, pollutants, litter and sediment into our waterways.

Traditionally, stormwater management was not considered a priority, with treatment simply involving litter traps at the end of pipes. Today, the demand for stormwater management and treatment is crucial in all developments, both commercial and residential, to ensure discharge water meets local government requirements. As part of the Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2015, it is the responsibility of property owners to take all reasonable and practicable measures to minimise environmental harm caused by pollution.


Responding to the risk of pollution in stormwater

At-source stormwater treatment using Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs) is the most effective way to achieve significant and sustainable improvements in stormwater quality, and ultimately, in the health of our waterways. As the stormwater drainage system does not treat prior to release, SQIDs offer a reliable solution for high risk commercial or large-scale residential developments. These stormwater devices also guarantee the integrity and longevity of the municipal systems.

Oil/Water separation devices are a common feature in commercial precincts were high-risk oil spills are likely, or where first-flush run-off requires treatment.


Implementing At-Source Stormwater Treatment

In response to the growing concerns for stormwater treatment and more stringent regulatory controls, Global Water have introduced the EcoTreat range. This new generation of EcoTreat Stormwater Treatment Devices offers a unique, economical, at-source solution for primary and secondary stormwater treatment. Polluted run-off water is treated by capturing gross pollutants, suspended solids and hydrocarbons and releasing clean water to the environment.

There are two different models in the EcoTreat Class 1 range that offer effective oil/water separation: Full Retention and Bypass units.

EcoTreat Class 1 Full Retention Oil/Water Separator


The EcoTreat FR Series Full Retention range is ideal for run-off from contaminated sites or where there is a risk of a hydrocarbon spill occurring. This would include petrol stations, truck fuel stations, and fuel depots where spills or overflows of petrol, oil or diesel need to be captured and removed to prevent them from entering the stormwater drainage system.

The FR Series is fitted with a coalescing treatment device that ensures any hydrocarbon contaminated run-off is treated to comply to the stringent Class 1 requirements of the EN858-1, with a stormwater discharge quality of less than 5mg/L oil content. In addition, a hydrocarbon sensor and alarm panel can be fitted to advise when a spill has occurred.

EcoTreat Class 1 Bypass Oil/Water Separator

EcoTreat-product-BP-cut-awayThe EcoTreat BP Series Bypass unit is an in-line device designed to treat stormwater run-off from paved areas where low levels of hydrocarbon residuals and gross pollutants are present whilst allowing high flows to pass without restriction. The BP series is suitable for primary and secondary treatment in low risk areas such as car parks, loading docks, waste bin storage areas and industrial complexes, removing hydrocarbons and suspended solids without the risk of on-site flooding from storm events.


Global Water understand the need for effective stormwater management and treatment. The Class 1 EcoTreat devices form part of Global Water’s wide range of stormwater pumping, treatment and reuse technology. which has been developed over 40 years, through collaboration with leading municipal and regulatory authorities.

Discover the wide range of stormwater treatment devices online or contact our Global Water team to discuss how your site could benefit from the EcoTreat range.

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