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How Duty Assist Pump Configurations are Boosting Efficiency and Cutting Costs

Pump stations are crucial components that help to pump and transport sewage, wastewater, and stormwater from low-lying areas to higher elevation areas where it can be treated and disposed of safely. However, maintaining pump stations' optimal performance is not an easy task. They can experience issues such as blockages, equipment failures, and power outages. 

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Global Water Opening Hours 2022

Global Water is open right through this holiday season!

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Benefits of Greywater Recycling Systems

What is greywater?

Greywater is defined as the wastewater that derives from households incorporating bathtubs, showers, sinks and washing machines. It does not include wastewater from bathro

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Sump Pump Packages

Global Pumps brings to you an extensive range of Sump Pump Packages that combine a polyethylene sump or a pre-cast GRC (glass reinforced cement). 
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7 Things to Know Before Buying a Pump Station

Discover everything there is to know before buying a pump station in our eBook download. Gain insights into the selection process, understand and be able to answer technical questions and learn about the different varieties on offer.


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