Global Water's latest stormwater treatment device

Discover the impressive new EcoTreat; Global Water's latest innovative device. 


Global Water's latest stormwater treatment device

Stormwater treatment has never been a more pressing issue. With today’s urban developments, the aim continues to be focused on minimising adverse impacts which development may have on the natural ecosystem.


The traditional and modern techniques of stormwater treatment seek to achieve a real, impactful and sustainable improvement in water quality. With this, Global Water introduce the new EcoTreat range.

The EcoTreat product range by Global Water offers economical solutions for stormwater treatment in commercial projects, council developments or environments categorised as high risk of hydrocarbon spills.

  • complies with European EN858-1 Class 1 water quality treatment device
  • independently performance tested by the University of South Australia
  • discharge water quality that complies with EPA Water Quality Guidelines
  • cost-effective solution
  • where sensitive environments require protection from hydrocarbons and other suspended solids
  • available in multiple sizes.

Environmental compliance

The EcoTreat range is independently tested and certified to EN858-1 and produces water quality of no visible trace (<5 mg/L), this complies with EPA Water Quality Guidelines. Class 1 water quality requirements of the European Standard EN858-1 are recognised universally. Across Australia, these are considered best practice by regulatory bodies and govern the design parameters of stormwater treatment.


EcoTreat-product-renders_FR-3EcoTreat Full Retention Oil/Water Separator
Global Water’s EcoTreat Full Retention Oil/Water Separator is specifically designed to treat and contain large oil spills, making it suitable for high risk applications such as petrol stations.

The unit has two chambers; a coalescing chamber which is fitted with an automatic closure device and the retention chamber which houses the trapped sediment.


19-154 GW EcoTreat Full retention flow-FAAbove: EcoTreat Full Retention Treatment Train


EcoTreat-product-renders_BP-3EcoTreat Bypass Oil/Water Separator
Global Water’s EcoTreat Bypass Oil/Water Separator is designed to treat the flow generated by rainfall in hardstand areas where concentrated hydrocarbons may build up over time. Areas with impervious surfaces, including carparks, light industrial and warehouses that require stormwater treatment are ideal for the EcoTreat Bypass device.

During a low flow rainfall event , the hydrocarbons present will be collected in the first flush and then treated. In a high flow rainfall event, the water bypasses the treatment process and exits the chamber via the drainage pipe, with the hydrocarbon being diluted to acceptable levels by the heavy rainfall.

19-154 GW EcoTreat Bypass flow-01-FAAbove: EcoTreat Bypass model during a low-flow rain event

The EcoTreat Bypass unit has two chambers, the oil separator, which acts to separate the petrol, oils, fats and other light elements, and the tank itself which holds the trapped sediment.

Independently tested stormwater treatment device

Both the Full Retention and Bypass Model have been independently tested by the University of South Australia. Dr Baden Myer, Research Engineer at UniSA confirmed that the EcoTreat system meets the requirements of a Class 1 device,

“The results of the test procedure demonstrate that the proposed system has achieved outflow target concentrations and storage volumes to meet the requirements of a Class 1 gravity supply device in accordance with EN 858-1:2002”.

The EcoTreat water treatment technology is Global Water’s latest innovative collection of stormwater management products.

To learn more about this new and exciting range, or to download brochures, visit the EcoTreat collection. If you’d like to speak to a member of our Global Water team, contact us now!

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