The DrainAce compact pump station is the leading solution for commercial kitchen and trade waste applications. It has proven itself as the most versatile and reliable compact undersink pump chamber on the market for systems where gravity drainage is not available.



The DrainAce Compact is a small, simple to install under sink pump station. It is built out of high quality material, and is practical for a wide range of applications. The essential components of this station are 90 L polyethylene chamber, a single-phase submersible automatic pump, internal pipework and isolation valves all packaged into a pump system that will fit under your typical basin.

Key Benefits

  • a space saving 90 L chamber moulded from chemical resistant polyethylene for easy install and maintenance
  • versatile stainless steel pump capable of passing up to 10 mm soft solids
  • quick-release waterproof electrical connection for easy pump removal
  • optional Model K124 high level alarm
  • runs with very little noise
  • can pump trade waste to the sewer discharge point when gravity fall is not available
  • capable of handling discharge up to 40 °C, but will handle up to 80 °C intermittently



The DrainAce Compact is often used in restaurants, office kitchens, boardrooms, laboratories, doctor/dental surgeries, construction sites and portable buildings. A popular combination is to pair the under sink pump station with the Grease Muncher GM700 400 L/hr above ground grease arrestor.


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