The Global Water Grease Muncher combines a conventional underflow grease arrestor design with a special biofilter which dramatically reduce the grease content of the discharge through microbiological activity.



Designed for smaller applications, the Grease Muncher has undergone extensive field trials in Australia and has been approved by SA Water - tradewaste for 1000 litres per hour.

Grease Muncher units are manufactured from a combination of polyethylene and thermal plastics for long life, durability and maximum corrosion resistance. A polyethylene chamber greatly simplifies the cleaning process and reduces smells as fats and grease will not adhere to polyethylene.

Suitable for both below ground and above ground free-standing installation, the Grease Muncher’s light weight and compact design make it ideal for tendencies where retrofitting and even relocation maybe required.


  • lightweight
  • easy to install
  • biological filter removes solids down to 2 mm
  • compact design
  • easily removed or relocated
  • above or below ground installation
  • impact resistant
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • reduces biological oxygen demand (BOD) loadings


The Grease Muncher is a lightweight compact grease arrestor ideally suited for installation in both existing and new developments, particularly where conventional concrete grease arrestors are not practical or desirable. They can also be used for temporary installations or where relocation at a later date may be required.

Ideal for:

  • cafés and sandwich bars
  • canteens
  • club kitchens
  • fast food restaurants
  • ice cream parlours


Tests have shown a reduction in grease and total suspended solids of 50-90% and BOD reduction of up to 45%. Final wastewater quality is dependent on the influent quality and flow rate.


The compact size and gas-tight design enables the unit to be installed in a store room or plant room. The UV stabilised chamber is suitable for outdoor or even roof-top installation. The Grease Muncher can also be installed below ground. Light or heavy service concrete cover slabs fitted with gas-tight cast iron covers are available.


The Grease Muncher must be cleaned periodically by a liquid waste contractor to wash the filter element and remove sludge and fat build-up. Frequency depends on type and quantity of waste.


  • concrete cover slab with cast iron gas-tight cover
  • remote pump-out line provision
  • air admittance valve
  • pumping chamber where gravity drainage is not possible


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