The Global Water Grease Muncher GM700 combines a conventional underflow grease arrestor design with a special bio-filter to dramatically reduce the grease content of the discharge through microbiological activity.



The Grease Muncher GM700 is a lightweight compact grease arrestor that is frequently used in cafés and take away restaurants. It is SA Water approved and successfully achieves 1000 L/hr flow rate.

The Grease Muncher is suitable for above or below ground installations, with the lightweight and compact design making it ideal for tenancies where retrofitting or relocation may eventually be required. 

Key Benefits

  • constructed with polyethylene and thermoplastics makes it easy to install as well as corrosion and odour proof
  • UV stabilised for safe above ground use
  • durable enough to be encased in concrete for below ground projects
  • compact gas-tight design allows for installation in-store and plant rooms
  • pumping chamber available where gravity drainage is not possible
  • maximised efficiency by solids and grease reduction up to 90%, BOD reductions by 45% and a biological filter that removes solids down to 2 mm 


The GM700 is also suitable for canteens and club kitchens. Periodical cleaning by a liquid waste contractor to remove build up will be required. Frequency depends on system conditions. For further details download the brochure below or contact our pump experts today.



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Grease Muncher GM700 brochure Download


At Global Water, we specialise in reliable, high-quality treatment systems. Our solution for treating greasy fluids is our grease arrestor, the Grease Muncher. This system separates the grease from the fluid and can transfer the treated product at 1,000 litres per hour.

Exceptional features

The Grease Muncher’s intelligent design makes it compact and lightweight making it easy to install in tight places and relocate. The tough polyethylene chamber provides impact and UV resistance that allows for above and below ground use. 

The Grease Muncher grease arrestor also provides maximised efficiency by reducing biological oxygen demand (BOD) and filtering solids as small as two millimetres.


The Grease Muncher gas-tight design allows it to be stored in any location of a facility where it is suited to transfer discharge from sinks and dishwashers to sewer lines. It is a popular solution for handling greasy fluids in cafés, bars and fast food restaurants. It's particularly useful wherever conventional grease arrestors are unusable due to space restrictions. 

State-of-the-art manufacturing

All Global Water products, including the Grease Muncher, are manufactured to meet Australian standards in our state-of-the-art facility. We are passionate about the importance of premium materials and attention to detail during the manufacturing process. Our Grease Muncher has been tested through extensive field trials, ensuring its reliability. 

Expert advice for buying grease arrestors in Adelaide

Our friendly, knowledgeable team can provide you with expert advice. With 40 years' experience behind us, we've helped thousands of clients in selecting and commissioning high-quality equipment. We work regularly across a range of projects and applications, from major infrastructure projects to residential pump stations.

The Grease Muncher can be sold separately, however many users opt to pair this with a Global Water DrainAce pump chamber.

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