Sulzer ABS XFP Submersible Wastewater Pump

The Sulzer ABS XFP Submersible Wastewater Pump have advanced, premium efficiency IE3 motors, which greatly reduce pump running costs. The advanced non-clogging and hydraulically efficient Contrablock impeller features unsurpassed rag handling and the large solids passage provides the ultimate in blockage-free operation.

Features of the ABS XFP Submersible Wastewater Pump include:

  • versatile range of Contrablock Plus impellers
  • adjustable bottom plate with intercepted slotting
  • double volute casing from DN 400
  • double mechanical seals
  • heavy-duty stainless-steel shaft
  • heavy-duty bearings
  • premium efficiency IE3 motor in accordance with IEC 60034-30



The DrainAce Compact is commonly found in restaurants, basements of high-rise buildings, boardrooms, laboratories, doctor or dental surgeries, construction sites and portable buildings. Units are also available for greasy waste discharge from grease arrestors. 


The Sulzer ABS XFP Submersible Wastewater Pumps are suitable in the following applications:

  • municipal sewage stations
  • wastewater and effluent systems
  • sewage containing sludge from commercial, industrial and municipal areas
  • industrial waste containing solids and fibrous material
  • wet wells, submerged with an automatic coupling system
  • horizontal and vertical dry wells with the integrated closed cooling system




The XFP pumps are designed for the municipal and industrial wastewater industry, with premium efficiency making them energy efficient. The motors and hydraulics offer operators, lower energy consumption, reducing operating costs, fewer maintenance costs and less downtime caused by breakdowns and blockages.  

The Contrablock Plus impellers are specifically engineered to handle tough requirements, such as reduced water consumption and higher rage and solid content. Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research and testing, a truly ground-breaking range of Contrablock plus impellers has been engineered. The impeller design offers single and multi-vane models to ensure exceptional blockage resistance, and solid passage minimum of 75 mm and greater.   

The adjustable bottom plate with intercepted slotting significantly reduces energy consumption throughout the life of the pump. It offers blockage-free operation as the adjustment of the bottom plate restores pump efficiency and maintains efficient rag handling throughout its lifetime.  

Double mechanical seals are available in silicon carbide, providing maximum resistance from abrasives. These SiC/SiC seals are chemically resistant in wastewater and most other industrial applications. 

The ABS XFP Wastewater pumps can be installed in several installations, including: 

  • wet well installation with pedestal
  • wet well transportable installation
  • dry well vertical installation
  • dry well horizontal installation 

Benefits of these Sulzer ABS XFP wastewater pumps include: 

  • long-term reliability
  • improved energy savings
  • excellent rag handling
  • future-proof design
  • sustainable in manufacturing and operation

More features and benefits of the Piranha Grinder Pump include:

  • unique ABS Piranha shredding system capable of shredding items such as cloths and plastic bags 
  • suitable for the pumping of wastewater containing sewage, offal, organic and industrial effluent  
  • small discharge lines from 1 ¼” 
  • standard and ex-versions  
  • installations are possible where large ground undulations are present 
  • Piranha 08 and 09 fitted with modular motor, and available as KS version with float switch 
  • low installation costs due to small diameter discharge pipework
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