The Global Water EcoTreat SBI720 Stormwater Bypass Interceptor is an at-source treatment device that not only removes gross pollutants and fine silt from stormwater run-off, but effectively captures hydrocarbons and other light-liquid pollutants.



Catering specifically for smaller catchment areas, the EcoTreat SBI720 enables specifiers and users alike to meet the requirements of council and environmental authorities. 

Manufactured from tough roto-moulded polyethylene, the unit incorporates an easily removable inlet silt arrestor/solids filter to prevent gross pollutants entering the stormwater drainage system as the first treatment stage. In the second phase of treatment, the quiescent zone ensures the necessary detention time to both remove the fine silt that would otherwise clog the stormwater reticulation system and to trap fine oil droplets that wash off car parks and other paved areas. 

For storm inflows in excess of the treatment flow, the surplus flow bypasses the detention chamber and flows directly to the discharge, thus protecting the integrity of the unit and preventing surcharging. 

The SBI720 is available with either a medium duty grate or a lockable heavy duty galvanised grate. 


  • small carparks and driveways
  • loading docks/aprons
  • paved holding yards
  • industrial rubbish bin bays
  • commercial developments


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