The EcoTreat Gross Pollutant Trap pits (GPT) are the most economical solution for the removal of floating debris and silt from stormwater run-off or washdown water.



The EcoTreat Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) pits, which replace conventional stormwater catchment pits, protect the environment from gross pollutants such as plastic bags, cans and other trash plus bark chips, sand and fine silt, by at-source treatment of run-off. They can also be used to protect pumping chambers and down-stream stormwater detention tanks or treatment devices. Multiple units can be installed to ensure effective site coverage and maximise first flush catchment. 

Based on Global Water’s proven glass reinforced concrete (GRC) 600 mm x 600 mm sumps, the EcoTreat GPT offers optimum versatility, with the outlet able to be installed on-site at any invert to suit site requirements. 

The EcoTreat GPT is fitted with a non-corrosive, impact resistant polyethylene basket with significant silt handling capacity, yet light weight enough to enable emptying by hand. Lifting handles are stainless steel. 

A galvanised grate suitable for pedestrian or light vehicle traffic is supplied as standard. A heavy duty grate is available as an option. 

If the intensity of rainfall exceeds the flow capacity of the silt basket, or if bad housekeeping has allowed the basket to become full or blocked, water will backup onto catchment area, forcing maintenance. For applications where this could result in flooding of buildings or adjoining properties, the model GPT-B with a bypass overflow should be used. 


  • carparks and driveways
  • loading docks
  • industrial rubbish bin bays
  • commercial developments
  • washdown bays
  • stormwater treatment device pretreatment 
  • pump pit inlet sumps
  • outdoor eating areas


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