The complete answer to low-speed, highly energy efficient submersible mixing in a wide range of applications in industry and municipal treatment plants.



This slow-running submersible unit is available with integral IE3 premium-efficiency motors ranging from 1.0 to 7.5 kW (7.4 to 10.1 hp) for gentle circulation and mixing of fluids in wastewater treatment plants and industrial applications.

Propellers for the XSB are designed for easy transport and installation. Most models are mounted complete, while the larger 3-blade models have a special design that allows them to be attached blade-by-blade. This facilitates transport and eliminates the need for special tools.

The unit is connected to a concrete pedestal by an innovative coupling system which allows the unit to be raised and lowered for inspection even in filled tanks. The pedestal absorbs all dangerous vibrations, thus giving a long service life both for the machine and the installation.


  • patented concrete pedestal, designed to efficiently absorb vibration
  • fully-lockable coupling system
  • premium-efficiency IE3 motors
  • mechanical seal protected by a solids deflection ring
  • seal monitoring using multiple sensors
  • Thermo-Control System (TCS) provides timely warnings and auto switch-off


  • lowest energy consumption
  • compact, water pressure-tight design
  • provides high thrust and high flow capacity
  • self-cleaning propellers provides vibration-free operation
  • increased performance variations with an extended and wide duty range
  • superior reliability and long operating life


  • providing a flow pattern in large tanks and open waters for mixing and stirring
  • wastewater treatment plants and industrial applications



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