Global Water offers the complete range of Sulzer XFP wastewater pumps to satisfy the growing demands of the wastewater industry in municipal and industrial applications. Flow rates up to 3000 L/s.



The Sulzer submersible sewage pump range have advanced, premium efficiency IE3 motors which greatly reduce pump running costs. Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research and testing, a truly ground-breaking range of Contrablock Plus impellers has been engineered.

The advanced, non-clogging and hydraulically efficient Contrablock impeller features unsurpassed rag handling and the large solids passage provides the ultimate in blockage free operation.

The XFP range has a fast and easy wear plate tolerance adjustment system that negates the need to dismantle the pump. There is a cable plug system allowing pumps to be removed without the need to disconnect wiring on selected models.


  • long-term reliability
  • improved energy savings
  • excellent rag handling
  • future-proof design
  • sustainable in manufacturing and operation


  • municipal sewage stations
  • wastewater and effluent systems
  • sewage containing sludge from commercial, industrial and municipal areas
  • industrial waste containing solids and fibrous material
  • wet wells, submerged with an automatic coupling system
  • horizontal and vertical dry wells with the integrated closed cooling system option



Model # Description File
XFP Sewage Pumps brochure Download
XFP Models 80C-201G brochure Download
XFP Models 150J-600X brochure Download

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