The Global Water GP Series submersible sewage pumps provide a dependable solution for a wide range of sewage and wastewater applications.



The Global Water GP Series submersible sewage pumps provide a dependable solution for a wide range of sewage and wastewater applications.

Pumps can be supplied in either free-standing configuration for installation in polyethelene pits, or auto-coupling pedestal mounted with guide rails for concrete pit installations.

All pumps are fitted with 10 m cables, and single phase motors have integral overloads. Larger flow rate units are available on request.

Complete packaged pumping stations including electrical control panels are available in either single pump or twin pump configurations.


  • cast iron and stainless construction
  • cutting or chokeless impellers
  • in-built float switches on domestic units
  • internal overloads on single phase units


  • domestic and commercial sewage stations
  • larger municipal installations
  • industrial wastewater containing solids
  • septic tanks
  • pressure sewer systems


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If you're looking for a sewage pump or an effluent pump system, Global Water have provided products and expert advice to the plumbing industry for 40 years. We have a range of high quality, reliable products for a range of requirements.

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What are effluent and sewage pumps used for?

Sewage pumps are used to transport contaminated water to a treatment location when gravity pipework systems cannot achieve sufficient fall. Sewage may often have solids present, so pumps are often fitted with macerators to cut up solids before they pass through.

What's the difference between an effluent pump and a sewage pump?

Effluent pumps are required when you're pumping water likely to contain solids up to 20mm in diameter, such as in mound-type septic systems, elevated septic system drain fields, laundry discharge, trade waste and sump or grey water removal.

A sewage pump system is used for pumping sewage containing soft solids up to 50mm in diameter. Both types of pump operate on a centrifugal basis, with a motor causing an impeller to rotate and create pressure which pushes water into the discharge pipe. However, sewage pump stations tend to use cutter and grinder pumps (known as macerator pumps), while effluent or septic overflow pump stations utilise vortex or channel pumps. On occasion, effluent systems do use macerator pumps in case a solid makes it into the pump station.

Effluent and sewage pumps are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They can be used as a waste pumping solution in industrial, CWMS schemes and commercial trade waste and raw sewerage contexts. Get in touch with your requirements and we'll let you know which of our pumps is best for you.

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