Global Water designs and manufactures chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, pH correction and fluoride dosing plants for water authorities.



Global Water has been involved with water and wastewater treatment applications for more than 30 years. We design and manufacture chlorine gas and sodium hypochlorite disinfection and fluoride dosing plants for water authorities, and we provide pH correction and heavy metal precipitation systems for industrial wastewater treatment. From potable water and irrigation use through to stormwater and wastewater re-use schemes, we can provide safety and security to your water resource.

Global Water has a strong focus on plant maintenance, operator training and service support for the equipment and systems we supply and commission for municipal and industrial clients. Our extensive experience will ensure that your disinfection and dosing system complies with all relevant safety requirements, health regulations and Australian Standards.

We are currently reviewing an advanced on-site chlorine generation system which will eliminate the need to purchase and transport dangerous chemicals and gaseous liquids to site providing a safer work environment.


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