Water & Effluent Transfer Pumps

Verderhus Screw Channel Pumps

The Verderhus Screw Channel Pump has an open channel impeller design, when combined with the centrifugal force offers high flow rates and huge efficiency. 

The Verderhus Screw Channel Pump also features: 

  • high efficiency, BEP > 70%
  • handle solids up to < 30% slurry
  • flow range max 1500 m3/h
  • minimal clogging, also when pumping long fibred fluids
  • capable of pumping high viscous fluids up to 3000 cPs
  • suitable for gas containing media
  • low energy cost, almost constant - also at high flow rates
  • oil lubricated double mechanical seal



The DrainAce Compact is commonly found in restaurants, basements of high-rise buildings, boardrooms, laboratories, doctor or dental surgeries, construction sites and portable buildings. Units are also available for greasy waste discharge from grease arrestors. 


These pumps are used in a wide range of industries including:

Water treatment: thick sludge, thickened media, slurries, sewage and waste water

Food and beverage: diatomaceous earth, slurry, yeast, sugar, gelatin, hop, corn and malt

Agriculture: chicken necks, bones, compost, biogas and pet food

Other key applications include:

  • paper pulp
  • thick fluid streams in power stations
  • sewage water treatment plants 
  • wastewater treatment plants 
  • circulation of biogas
  • coal-fired, oil-fired and nuclear power plants
  • composting and recycling processes
  • slaughter houses
  • sugar industry
  • beverage industry
  • sewage sludge recirculation
  • sewage thickening systems
  • gelatin manufacture
  • pet food
  • breweries & malteries
  • waste burning power station




The Verderhus screw centrifugal pump combines the best features of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps to define a new standard for low head, high flow pumping. These pumps have a large clearance, screw impeller gently feeding product into the pump chamber and efficiently transferring it to the discharge line. The open impeller allows large solids to be easily pumped, whilst the screw design is ideal for high solid contents or viscous liquids and produces high efficiency, low NPSHr pump, lowering both energy use and ownership costs. 

Materials of construction
  • wear resistant double mechanical seal with oil chamber, in standard execution with hard metal seal surfaces at the fluid state 
  • gland packing 

These pumps are fitted with IEC motors. However, a wide variety of motor choices are available to service your site's requirements. 


There are a wide variety of options available for the Verderhus range, to ensure abrasive, corrosive and cavitation resistance. 

The GPT can be used to protect pumping chambers and down-stream stormwater detention tanks or treatment devices. Multiple units can be installed to ensure effective site coverage and maximise first flush catchment.  

Based on Global Water’s proven glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) 600 mm x 600 mm sumps, the EcoTreat GPT offers optimum versatility, with the outlet able to be installed on-site at any invert to suit site requirements.  

A galvanized grate suitable for pedestrian or light vehicle traffic is supplied as standard. A heavy-duty grate is available as an option.

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