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Global Water offer safe and functional access solutions

Discover the wide range of Austral safety covers available


Global Water offer safe and functional access cover solutions

Global Water have been utilising the Austral Safety Covers on their SA Water Pump Stations. The range are a functional solution for water authorities who recognise the need for a safe solution for pump station maintenance personnel.

20-017-GW-DIGI-Blog-safety-cover-FAAbove: The range of Austral safety covers available from Global Water

The Austral Safety Cover prioritises “zero harm” and is targeted at issues often ignored in more general access cover designs.

There are three durable and innovative safety access covers available from Global Water:


Aluminium Safety Access Covers

Designed as a functional solution for water authorities, and having been installed in a number of SA Water pump stations, the Austral safety covers effectively protect personnel from the dangers of pump station maintenance. 


Features include:

  • Lightweight ergonomic design with no lift being greater than 20kg
  • Fold up safety grate offers four-sided access protection, compliant to handrail height requirements of 900mm
  • Heavy-duty aluminium extrusion with curved outer rim - offering a low profile that is aesthetically pleasing and reduces trip hazards allowing the lid to finish flush.
  • Full aluminium construction for corrosion resistance and longevity
  • Safety gate design allows access gates to operate independently to enable access to one pump at a time whilst still maintaining a four-sided barricade
  • Safety gates fold down with vertical supports perfectly overlapping to provide good visibility into wet well without needing to expose operator to the opening.
  • Captive profile in flexible seal to eliminate sewer gas egress and prevent stormwater infiltration
  • Flush mounting continuous hinge to further eliminate trip hazards; can be removed and replaced easily
  • Confined space danger sign affixed to the underneath hatch cover
  • Locking safety catch to hold safety grate in position at 90o
  • Lock box with sliding bolt that fits any standard water authority padlock

The Global Water Aluminium Safety Covers are available in two varieties: three-sided and four-sided versions. 


Need something more specific?

Global Water can customise safety covers to suit your application. Whether you’re require void fall protection or need a cover suitable for a commissioned pump station, our team of engineers can provide a turnkey solution. For those pump stations being upgraded, the range of Austral safety covers are suitable. From design through to application, make Global Water your choice.

Contact our Global Water team to discuss your upcoming project! 

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