6000 L/d RO system for community centre in the ACT

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Reverse osmosis water treatment project for a culturally appropriate centre.


A culturally appropriate alcohol and drug rehabilitation service was required for adult Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups within the ACT. It is located in a remote area with no access to mains potable water. Water is sourced from bores near the facility.

The bore water at this location is high in hardness levels, TDS and fluoride levels that exceed the drinking water guidelines (ADWG). Global Water was able to demonstrate to the client their understanding of the issues with the water quality and their technical capability in proposing a reliable and robust and low maintenance system for them. Global Water was awarded the project to design, construct and commission the 6000 L/d Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant.


Global Water successfully delivered and commissioned the new RO plant in July 2016. The RO system is designed with the appropriate pre-treatment to handle organics and hardness before being processed by the RO system. The RO removes close to 99% of dissolved solids (TDS). The post treatment includes remineralisation, pH adjustment for water stabilisation and sodium hypochlorite dosing for disinfection.


The product water quality achieved was within the ADWG specifications. The rehabilitation centre is now assured of a reliable and stable system producing excellent water quality for their needs.


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