Media filtration & dosing system for protected cropping in SA


Due to our extensive protected cropping experience and water treatment excellence, in 2014 Global Water was chosen by one of Australia’s largest suppliers of premium quality greenhouse produce to provide a quality water solution.

The company had recently expanded its growing areas and had identified the need for high quality water to ensure the ultimate growing medium for premium fruit and vegetables.

In consultation with the client, we chose the ultra high purity MemX reverse osmosis treatment technology for plant irrigation to ensure the consistent supply of quality produce. This technology included media filtration pre-treatment, chlorination disinfection and a pH control dosing system.

All fabrication processes of the MemX water treatment system were carried out at Global Water’s new manufacturing facilities in Clovelly Park. The dedicated on-site hydraulic testing centre utilises the latest pressure testing equipment to enable the water treatment plant to be pre-commissioned before shipment to the site. This meant minimal civil, mechanical and electrical works were required on-site, providing the client with substantial cost savings.