PODZ Wastewater Odour Treatment

The modular, floating PODZ system provide the most cost effective solution for covering and treating gaseous emissions emanating from industrial tanks, ponds, basins and lagoons.


The PODZ system minimise odours and greenhouse gas emissions with each individual unit containing its own replaceable filtering medium that’s tailored to the specific needs of the application to ensure maximum efficiency.

The PODZ modularity allows it to cover any size and type of industrial tanks, ponds, basins and lagoons installed, creating a flexible and non-intrusive cover on the water’s surface.

The investment and operating costs are just a fraction of conventional odour treatment. Additional engineering and infrastructure is not required.


  • lagoons
  • tailing ponds
  • activated sludge
  • aerated basins
  • evaporation ponds
  • open-air tanks
  • clarifiers
  • anaerobic basins
  • water tanks
  • leachate ponds
  • piggery basins




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