GPD & GPV sump pumps

Global Water GPD & GPV series submersible sump pumps are the reliable solution when pumping drainage water, stormwater and wastewater.


The Global Water Submersible Sump Pump range provides a dependable solution for pumping drainage water, stormwater and wastewater containing solids for commercial, building services and industrial applications.

Single phase units are fitted with float switches for fully automatic operation. Both single and three phase units can handle water with temperatures up to 40°C (60°C intermittent duty), and have in-built overload protection.

The GPD Series are all stainless steel construction, and are fitted with 5 m electric cables. Units have a semi-open impeller that will pass 10 mm solids – ideal for grey-water or stormwater applications.

The GPV Series are heavy duty units constructed from cast iron and stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance, and have either single or 3 phase electric motors fitted with 10 m power cable (5m GPV 32-18).

Larger flow rate units are available on request.


  • flow rates up to 30 L/s
  • single phase units fitted with float switches
  • fitted with chokeless impellers – up to 70 mm solids
  • cast iron and stainless steel construction
  • motors fitted with internal overload protection
  • available as single or twin package pump stations


  • corrosion resistant long-life construction
  • solids handling for reduced maintenance
  • self-protected motors


  • stormwater sumps
  • draining seepage water
  • industrial wash-down
  • rainwater reuse systems
  • septic tank pumping


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Our selection of high-quality vortex pumps are designed to suit a range of projects – from light industrial and building services projects, through to residential pump stations.

The benefits of using vortex pumps

Many submersible water pumps are only designed to be used with clean water. They include an impeller, which works like a shovel to pump out the water. However, as liquids and particles are constantly passing through the vanes of the impeller, over time it becomes worn and less effective at its job. This means you’ll need to replace your pump at more regular intervals, when abrasives are present.

Vortex pumps are designed for use with dirty water, as their design reduces the amount of contact the impeller has with the water – instead, the impeller uses centrifugal force to pump out the water. Wear is therefore greatly reduced and your pump will last for a longer amount of time. Vortex pumps also require little maintenance and are more reliable, making them suitable for storm water, effluent or trade waste applications, and are frequently used for residential or light commercial settings.

The channel pumps difference

Channel pumps are another design that works well in dirty water applications. A channel impeller does make contact with the dirty water, but the large free passage of the impeller allows the abrasives to pass through the vanes of the impeller. The impeller is often made from hi wearing materials such as flame hardened cast iron to increase the durability of the pump.

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We stock a whole range of dirty water pumps, including submersible vortex pumps which minimise the risk of clogging, vortex submersible pumps and channel impeller pumps that pass larger solids. Not sure which one you require? Before you buy, why not check with us to see what you need? Alternatively, ask us about our entire packaged pump stations, which are manufactured by us and provide you with everything you require.

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