Fibreglass Inground Storage Chamber

These fibreglass water retention systems are based around a filament wound glass reinforced plastic underground storage tank. Rainwater is collected from roof areas or hardstandings and diverted through a filter chamber into the underground storage tank. The filter unit separates leaves and debris.


A wide range of fibreglass underground tanks are manufactured with reference to BS4994 structural design, which is a world class standard for FRP, ensuring strength and stability.

In the manufacturing process of the tanks, the high hoop strength produced by filament winding and the multi-directional strength of chopped strand laminate are combined, resulting in a highly robust and functional product.

The smooth moulded, resin-rich coated inner surface applied in the tank manufacturing inhibits any corrosion and bacterial growth and vessels can be modified to meet any inlet/outlet or pipe work requirement.



  • industrial estates
  • medical/government complexes
  • office complexes
  • manufacturing plants


  • town houses
  • high-rise apartments
  • hotels/motels
  • housing estates


  • shopping centres
  • schools
  • sporting complexes
  • park lands
  • conference centres