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Considered Inherently Safe Technology (IST), Klorigen provides a safe and efficient alternative to traditional pressurised elemental chlorine gas and a lower cost option for commercial bulk-delivered sodium hypochlorite. This unique electrochlorination technology allows users to generate on-demand, eliminating any possibility of hazardous release at the point of use.

Klorigen generators uniquely combine the electrolysis of brine with advanced membrane technology to deliver chlorine gas at atmospheric pressure as well as high strength caustic soda available for pH elevation. Alternatively the system can be configured to produce sodium hypochlorite at concentrations up to 12.5%.

Below is a list of chlorine gas incidents around Australia.


  • increase operator safety by eliminating hazardous chemical storage and handling
  • increase public safety as chlorine is not being transported in populated areas
  • reduce plant operating costs by producing chlorine gas, sodium hydroxide and 12.5% sodium
  • hypochlorite for much less than current alternatives
  • hydrogen is diluted and safety vented to atmosphere as it is produced
  • single-pass brine feed system using food-grade salt for maximum purity, efficiency and minimum maintenance
  • touch screen PLC control system compatible with SCADA systems for remote monitoring and control
  • removes Major Hazard Facility regulations and onerous safety audits
  • provides customers with an alternative to the current monopolistic supply of chlorine
  • lowest chlorates among on-site generation systems
  • 10:1 turn down ratio allows for variable system operating rates based on seasonal water requirements
  • requires minimal operating manpower - system is fully automated
  • allows retention of current disinfection method and dosing/eductor system


Water and Wastewater Disinfection

Traditionally, water utilities have used chlorine gas as the disinfectant of choice in their water treatment plants. However, with the recent threat of terror attacks globally and public safety issues rising in prominence, concerns have been raised as to the future of this practice.

Although some progressive public utilities are evaluating alternative technologies to pressurised chlorine gas, chlorine remains the most effective broadband disinfectant. In response to this preference, Klorigen on-site chlorine gas generators can facilitate the continuation of current disinfection methods while promoting safe practices through the use of chlorine gas at ambient pressure.

Alternatively, water disinfection may be safely and effectively accomplished using Klorigen on-site generation of high strength sodium hypochlorite solution. Storage of 12.5% concentration requires less than one-fifteenth of that needed for low strength (i.e. less than 0.8%) generated sodium hypochlorite.


Klorigen K-Series systems safely and economically produce chlorine gas, membrane-grade sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite up to 12.5% concentration.

Production capacities range from 200 kg to 20 tons per day.

This patented electrochlorination technology eliminates the safety concerns around the storage and use of pressurised chlorine, as well as the high cost; supply and viability issues associated with bulk chemical suppliers. Klorigen systems are specifically designed for municipal and industrial water treatment applications.



The Klorigen M-Series chlorine generator is a smaller scale electrochemical system specifically intended for remote applications and designed for safe and cost effective production of chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide using food grade salt.

These systems can also be configured to produce high quality commercial strength sodium hypochlorite at concentrations up to 10%.

Production capacity ranges from 20 to 100 kg per day of equivalent chlorine as either elemental chlorine gas or liquid hypochlorite.

The Klorigen M-Series systems eliminate the hazards typically associated with the use of pressurised chlorine gas and commercial bulk supplied sodium hypochlorite.

M-Series units are ideal for industries and municipalities that are currently using or require a form of chlorine for disinfection, sterilisation or bleaching.


Sodium hypochlorite application


Chlorine gas application




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