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Global Water Group are very pleased to announce our appointment as SA, NT and Western Victoria distributors for JWC Environmental, leading manufacturer of the iconic MUFFIN MONSTER® family of municipal wastewater shredding, screening, washing and compaction systems.

Global Water appointed regional distributor of Muffin Monster

Waste treatment plants and collections systems are being inundated with tougher, more durable debris than ever before, making it critical that powerful and low maintenance solids handling and screening systems of the highest reliability are installed. With numerous installations already in Australia, JWC equipment has proved itself to be up to this task.

Global Water is pleased to offer the following products within our region:


The flagship of the range, JWC Environmental’s Muffin Monster is a proven performer in the treatment of solids in the wastewater industry.

With worldwide recognition, Muffin Monster in-line sewerage grinders offer protection to pump technology by reducing the toughest wastewater solids down to ‘easy to handle’ particles. Muffin Monster’s proprietary twin cut system ensures it remains the most effective solution and ensures your operation is Wipes Ready™.

Wipes and rags are clogging pumps and damaging wastewater treatment systems. Wipes Ready™ technologies from JWC will keep your systems running efficiently.

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For continuity of service, please register your JWC monsters with Global Water at the Global Water Service Centre.

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Channel Monster

Integrating both rotating screening drums and proven Muffin Monster® grinder technology, the system accommodates high-flows while shredding solids that flow through pumps, pipes and processes into particles.

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Chain and Rake Monster

The Chain & Rake Monster® is designed to provide quick removal of heavy slugs of material in order to protect downstream processes.

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Bandscreen Monster

Bandscreen Monster® offers incredibly high capture rates and removes a wider variety of solids, particularly small debris, better than traditional bar screens.

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Auger Monster

The Auger Monster® is proven to result in cleaner, more compact discharge and lowered disposal costs.

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